Mao Tsé-Tung

"Mao Tse-Tung" - White bisque sculpture
China around 1960

Of all the dictators, Mao (1893-1976) is without doubt the one who most maintained the cult of personality.
His image was everywhere, everything was controlled.
This large period sculpture is a representative example of this.

Very nice quality, nice attitude...

Because of its fragility, few have made it this far intact...

Claude Hudelot (French diplomat posted in China for many years) has collected many pieces (posters, paintings, sculptures, etc.) which are included in a book that will be offered with the sculpture.
His collection, dispersed at Drouot around 2015, had recorded good results.

This sculpture does not come from this sale. It has been in my possession for much longer...

Height: 70 cm.
Base: 16 X 18 cm.

Weight: 9 kg

Superb condition. Small chips only on the base.

Price: 1400 €