Air France - Afrique Occidentale

Advertising poster by VINCENT GUERRA - 1950
Original edition

Advertising poster AIR FRANCE - Afrique Occidentale, drawn by VINCENT GUERRA, edited by Alepee & Cie , Paris,
The poster is pasted on canvas, new natural wooden frame by professional workshop

Circa 1950

Dimensions with frame
Height: 62 cm
width: 43 cm
Depth: 1,5 cm

Dimensions poster:
Height: 47,5 cm
width: 28,5cm

1933: after repurchase of «L’Aéropostale», birth of AIR FRANCE.
Five years later AIR FRANCE is already the third world fleet, with 100 aircrafts.
At this time the plane is a means fantastic transport but not accessible to the common mortal
Air France understood the importance of the dream which conveys this paper support, and linked its image to the creation and to the French-Style elegance
They gave «carte blanche» to artists and creators so that they freely express themselves.
More about an another poster by Vincent Guerra in the french part of the site (and picture 5 is about this other one)

Good general condition, we notice a very light tear on the paper in the bottom +- 5 cm as well as left-hand side +-2 cm
These are restored and hardly discernible.

Price: 780 €

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