Vase Boch La-Louvière - Léon Lambilotte

Vase Boch La-Louvière- Léon Lambillotte
Cracked earthenware
Manufacture: Boch La-Louvière (Belgium)

Beautiful vase with a floral decor, typical of the Art-Deco period.

Stamp of manufactory

Shape: 974

Height: 30,5 cm
Diameter base: 10 cm

Perfect condition (!)

Art-Deco ceramics Made in Belgium by Marc Pairon (2006)
Reproduced page 159 (Full page)

Léon Lambillotte (1908-1980)
has been a full time collaborator at Boch-La-Louviere between 1925 and 1952.

Price: 680 €