Tabzimt Fibula

Old enameled silver fibula with coral stones - Haute Kabylie
End nineteenth/Early twentieth century (?) - Tabzimt

Stunning Kabylian fibula can be worn as pendent or broche.
Mounted on a Napoleon III coin and et decorated in shape of circles and a coral stone in its center.
9 pendeloques in enameled silver are hanging.
Each ends with a coral stone.

Red, green, Yellow and blue enamel.

Origine: Algéria (Haute Kabylie)
Circa 1900 (?)

Total height (with pin & pendeloques): 10,8 cm
Total height (without pin): 7,5 cm

Weight: 89 g 

High grade silver 800/1000°

A rare jewel, authentic and typical of the jewels of Kabylia.

Very good condition (!)


Les fibules, deux mille ans d’histoire en Afrique du Nord
par Marie-Rose Rabaté - ACR Edition
Two fibulas from the same area and of the same period are reproduced page 74 - Collection Sarah Pinson
(see penultimate photo)

Bijoux & parures d’Algérie
Somogy Editions
Another similar fibula is reproduced page 69 - Collection Musée National des Antiquités à Alger
(see last photo)

Price: 490 €