Silver Chestpiece Set - Morocco

Superb ornament with:
Two large chiseled silver fibulas
Pendents in green & yellow enamel with green glassware
Retained by chains

Moroccan silver coins are dated of 1320-1321 (Calendar of the hegira), i.e. around 1901 of the common era

Origin: Region of Tiznit or Tafraout

High grade silver - minimum 800°
(test with touchstone)


Height: 13,2 cm

Total height: 17,5 cm

Gross weight: 154 g

These adornments are worn for special events

Very good condition

Bijoux du Maroc du Haut Atlas à la Vallée du Draa
par Marie-Rose Rabaté
ACR Edition - page 36

Price: 720 €