Tiznit Necklace

Moroccan necklace (Tiznit - High Atlas) - Early twentieth century

Exceptional African amber necklace (phenolic resin)
ending by a silver apple « Tagmout »
Green and yellow enamel

Between the 24 amber beads, 8 coins from the "Sherifian Empire" all dated 1320 (Hegira calendar - ie 1902)

The "Tagmout" ball holds three (unrecognized) coins, one of which, in the center, is also dated 1320.
Openwork silver Tagmout, filigree and green & yellow enamel

The whole is held in place by a braided woolen rope.

One enameled apple with red and green
Spanish coins from Alphonse XIII period and Maroccan coins from 1929

Origin: Tiznit - High Moroccan Atlas (South of Morocco)

Necklace length: 100 cm as shown but the rope can be adjusted…
Gross weight: 540 g

Amber beads
Width: 31 to 38 mm
Eighth: +/- 20 mm

Width: 6,5 cm
Diameter: 4,5 cm

Excellent condition
Authentic collection item (!)

The Splendor of Ethnic Jewelry by France Borel (T&H editor)
A rather similar necklace is reproduced page 39
(Collection Colette et Jean-Pierre Ghysels)

Price: 820 €

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