Bourges Cathedral - Model

Carved wooden model of the Bourges Cathedral
France - Nineteenth century

Very large model of the Saint-Etienne Cathedral in Bourges (France) - Main facade

Carved and glazed wood
Many details

The model is intended to be lit from behind.

Found in its original condition, I only replaced the original stained glass which had some gaps and tears
They will be added to the model.

Height: 110 cm
Width: 80 cm
Depth: 40 cm

Weight: 17 kg

Very good overall condition.
Very rare gaps and a dome (the one on the right) to be glued.
He is surmounted by a Christ in silver (!)

No need to say this model is of course a unique piece (!)
A beautiful artisan work.

The Saint-Etienne cathedral in Bourges was built between the end of the 12th century and the end of the 13th century.
Today it is classified as a historic monument and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage list.
It is located in the historic center of Bourges.

Price: 1.800 €