Accutron Spaceview (M6)

Bulova Accutron Spaceview - 1966 (M6)
Steel - Accutron system (see below)
Bulova 218 caliber - Freq 360Hz

Genuine transparent dial signed Accutron
White applied index & hands
Central seconds hand

Diameter: 35 mm.
Thickness: 13 mm.

Stainless steel back signed and numbered (J 50346 / M6*)

New black leather strap; steel buckle
+/- 23 cm. watch incl.

New battery (12/2018)

The watch present very light scratches on the case, less than usual… Glass is intact.
Fully serviced by a professional watchmaker in December 2018, it is in perfect working order and keeps perfectly time.

The Bulova Accutron Spaceview has been a very successful model in its time, and you can still find some on the market, however they still have success among collectors…

Watch (History of the modern wrist watch) by Pieter Doensen
Editor Snoeck-Ducaju & Zoon
Reproduced page 115

Bulova’s "Accutron" watches, appeared in October 1960. The tuning fork was powered by a one transistor electronic oscillator circuit, so the Accutron qualifies as the first « electronic watch ».
Instead of the ticking sound made by mechanical watches, the Accutron had a faint, high pitch hum which came from the vibrating tuning fork. The Accutron was guaranteed to be accurate to 1 minute per month, or 2 seconds per day, considerably better than mechanical watches of the time.

* The date code: located on the back of the case, it consists of a letter followed by a number. The letter is the decade (M=1960s, N=1970s) and the number is the specific year within that decade.
In our case, M6 = 1966

Year: 1966

Price: 820 €

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  • Accutron Spaceview (M6)
  • Accutron Spaceview (M6)
  • Accutron Spaceview (M6)
  • Accutron Spaceview (M6)
  • Accutron Spaceview (M6)
  • Accutron Spaceview (M6)