Lip Baschmakoff

Lip Baschmakoff - 1972
Automatic - Jumping hours - Gold plated

Stunning Lip Baschmakoff (ref. 42962)
Lip R879 caliber (Base AS 1902)
21600 A/h - Power reserve: 44 Hours

Black dial
Jumping hours
Signed Lip on the right side of the dial

35 X 12 mm. (37 X 12 mm. with crown)

Stainless steel back numbered 000832

Original brown leather strap
Standart length (+/- 23 cm)
The watch comes from a collector how was also watchmaker.
It shows infimes traces of wear and is offered in great condition

History of maintenance is unknown, but the watch is in perfect working order (tested on a signifiant period) and keeps very good time

Among the designers watches that contributed to the success of Lip, this one is certainly one of the most famous…

LIP « Des heures à conter » by Marie-Pia Auschitzky Coustans
Edition Libris
Reproduced pages 99 & 156

Watch (History of the modern wrist watch) by Pieter Doensen
Editor Snoeck-Ducaju & Zoon
Reproduced page 21

Prince François de Baschmakoff (1931-1981)

Born in Paris in 1931
Studied at « l’Ecole des Arts et métiers » and Beaux-Arts in Paris.
Illustrator for fashion magazines and comics, he also wrote stories and sketches for « Les Nouvelles littéraires ».
He worked for « Le Printemps » and « Witzig », designed packages and won a price in a packaging contest with the globe shaped plastic watch box for Lip watches.
He became the first « modern » free-lance designer for Lip
In 1970, Baschmakoff designed the famous jumping hour Lip watches. The sale started in 1972
In 1973, he designed watches for Kelton (a subsidiary company of Timex). It is unknown if the designs were ever taken in production…
Died in Marseille in 1981

Year: 1972

Price: 780 €