Franz Meerts - Self-portrait

Franz Meerts (1836-1896) - Belgium
Oil on panel « Self-portrait »
Signed bottom left

Oil on panel - Circa 1890
Nice old frame

24 X 32 cm cm (panneau)
54 X 59 cm (with frame)

It is rare to have the final painting but also previous studies of the painting… I have had the chance to find, years after I fond the painting, a stunning watercolor preparing the painting.

The watercolor is on the lfirst photo but also visible with details on this site.
Offered separately or together, no need to say that I hardly invite you to buy the two of them…

Price for the painting only: € 2.450,-
Price for the watercolor and the painting: € 2.800,-

Franz Meerts (1836-1896)
Belgian painter XIXth century

Franz Meerts was born in Gand (Belgium) where he studied at the Academy. He became then pupil of Portaëls in Brussel.

One painting (L’aveu) is visible at the « Musées Royaux des Beaux Arts de Belgique » (Inv 3416)

Please note: the complete biography has not been translated and is available in the french part of the site

Price: 2450 €

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