C. Catteau - Rare earthenware vase (D776)

Vase - Charles Catteau (1880-1966)
Manufacture: Keramis (Boch La-Louvière)

Stunning vase with stylized leaves & twigs

Model D776 - Shape 894
Date of creation: 1923

Stamp of Manufacture Boch La-Louvière and stamp of Keramis
Signed Ch. Catteau

Height: 23,5 cm
Diameter base: 10,5 cm
Diameter neck: 9,6 cm

Designed in 1923, this vase already carries the spirit of the Art-Deco style !

Perfect condition (!)

Charles Catteau, L’homme de Keramis par Dominique Corrieras page 58
Catteau (Collection Claire De Pauw - Marcel Stal) Page 45
Art-Deco Ceramics - Made in Belgium
by Marc Pairon p 433 and inventoried as:
Rarety *** (on a scale of 5)
Price *** (on a scale of 5)

Charles Catteau (1880-1966)
Franco-Belgian ceramist. After an experience at the factory of Nymphemburg near Munich, he became responsible for the decoration workshop of the Manufacture de
La Louviere, Boch Keramis, from 1907 to 1947.
He will be successful, and he will leave many vases including renowned sandstone, with stylized motifs drawn from fauna and flora.

Price: 1.780 €