Glass cup - Ch. Schneider

Charles Schneider - Large Art-Deco glass cup
Circa 1930

Cup on pedestal with acid-etched decoration in mauve tinted glass.

Height: 15 cm
Diameter: 26 cm

Signed Schneider (Signature used around 1930)

Perfect condition

Charles Schneider (1881-1953)

French master glassmaker student of Daum and creator of the art glass brandLe Verre français, with his brother Ernest Schneider (1877-1937).
Ernest and Charles Schneider grew up in Nancy. In 1903, Ernest Schneider is hired by the sales department of the Daum factory. He obtains that his younger brother, Charles, trained in sculpture in l'école des Beaux-Arts de Nancy then in Paris proposes projects for vases and molten glass. This collaboration continuante until 1911
They founded their own company, les Verreries Schneider in 1913. It had up to five hundred employees in 1925 and sold its creations all over the world.
Charles Schneider quickly becomes the sole creator of the pieces.
The company produces under two brands, Le Verre français and the Schneider line.
The first one is more accessible with 17 color variations to 32 at Schneider.
The particular and judicious combination of shapes, new and diversified colors (yellow, mauve, tango orange) and decorations make the creations of this artist exceptional pieces, which are very popular today. (Source: Wikipedia)

Price: 360 €

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