E. Leitz - Microscope

Monocular microscope in golden brass
Ernest Leitz - Second half of nineteenth century
Made in Germany
Beautiful microscope « E. Leitz »

Made in Germany and sold in New-York city (USA)

Numbered (30446)

Smooth focus
Optical in good condition

Width: 8 cm.
Depth: 8,5 cm.
Minimum Height: 25 cm.
Maximum Height: 31 cm.

Thee microscope is in overall very good condition.
The small glass plate on which we place what we want to observe is missing ...

Weight: 1,8 kg

The Leitz microscope traces its lineage to a company founded in 1849 in Wetzlar, Germany, the Optical Institute. While telescopes were the original focus of the business, microscopes soon became the primary product. 

Ernst Leitz was hired as an engineer 1865 and was running the company by 1869 when he reorganized it as the Optical Institute of Ernst Leitz. In the first 20 years the company produced 15,000 microscopes.
By the end of the first decade of the 20th century, Leitz had expanded its product line to include film projectors for the nascent movie industry and binoculars.

Price: 280 €

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